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How did China win so many gold medals at the Olympics?
Of course it helps if you have a billion people.
But that on its own isn’t the answer.
India also has a billion people but they didn’t win any gold medals.
So the answer isn’t just size.
The answer is China targeted gold medals using predatory thinking.
The start point was simple.
As far as the ranking tables are concerned, a gold medal is a gold medal.
The most competitive, most difficult gold medal of all still only counts as much as the easiest.
Based on that, the approach to the competition changes.
You don’t ask simply where you as a country are strongest.
You ask where the other countries are weakest.
You don’t ask which sports you stand the best chance in.
You ask which sports are easiest to win.
You don’t just look at the standard of the competitors involved.
You look at the resources different countries allocate.
All of that is predatory thinking.

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