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In 1989, Trevor Baylis saw a TV programme about AIDS in Africa.

It said the reason for the spread of AIDS was ignorance.

It said it could only be countered by education about the disease.

By letting the general population of Africa know the scale and the cause of the problem.

But they couldn’t do that unless they could find a way to communicate with everyone.

And most people lived in villages that didn’t even have access to electricity.

So Trevor Baylis thought upstream of the problem.

Before you could address AIDS you needed to educate.

Before you could educate you needed to communicate.

Obviously, the easiest way to communicate would be by radio.

But radios needed an electrical supply or batteries.

And there was nowhere, and no money, to buy batteries.

So the real problem was batteries.

If his reasoning was right, the block in communicating was batteries.

So having reduced the problem to something he could handle, he went to his shed and started inventing.

He thought it should work like a clock.


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